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Spinout Stories - The Books

However much the computer may help, reading is ultimately a skill that must be used on printed text. Therefore we recommend the use of the separately available, printed and illustrated, Spinout Story Books to support the software.

Each book contains a Spinout Story at its hardest level, plus a modified version of the story's hypertext. This hypertext is at an advanced reading level and is in small print, it will challenge students who are almost ready for the printed word.

Red Book Pack
The Red Book pack contains one copy of:

  • Gorilla Gang,
  • Dream to Stay Alive,
  • Shark Ride Bay,
  • The Surf Shop.

Blue Book Pack
The Blue Book pack contains one copy of:

  • Salt Water Crocodiles,
  • Reptile Zoo,
  • Diesels and Dirt
  • The Best Mechanic

Prices for either the Red or Blue Book Packs:

1 x Pack of books £10.00(contains 4 story books)
2 x Packs of books £17.50(contains 8 story books)
3 x Packs of books £24.50(contains 12 story books)
5 x Packs of books £37.50(contains 20 story books)

If the above does not cover your particular requirements please contact our sales and we will be pleased to assist.

NB. There is no VAT on books and we also send these items to UK customers FREE of any postal charge.